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L.A.C.I.A. and the Evansville Museum of Arts, Science & History have partnered to bring the Evansville area adult and children Spanish immersion language classes. These Spanish classes emphasize culture and language immersion. Give your conversation a boost and immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture in these informative and engaging classes! Participants develop language skills in the areas of vocabulary, reading, listening, and speaking necessary to converse in Spanish. The immersion method creates an environment in which the students learn to speak the target language in the same way they learn to acquire their native tongue. Professors with degrees in philology, literature, and culture, will guarantee quality courses.


July 9th - August 20, 2022
1 day a week per session on Saturdays (7 classes)
Classes held at the Evansville Museum of Arts, Science & History



$100 | 3-5 yr. old | 11-11:50am & 12-12:50pm

Mommy and me or Father and me Spanish class: This is a great opportunity to get out of the house and interact with other parents having fun with your child. At this Spanish class, you can play with your child while having fun, which is an important part of learning -- bond with them and get moving!  During these classes we have several activities that introduce the child to basic concepts including common greetings, personal information about themselves, colors, numbers, the alphabet, commands, and short sentence structure. They all include great activities with vocabulary, games, and videos in Spanish that help them develop their creative skills and love for the Spanish language. Child and parent will love this interaction!


$100 | 6-9 yr. old | 1-1:50pm & 2-2:50pm

These classes will expose students to and develop the skills of reading, listening, and speaking the Spanish language. Students will converse in Spanish and learn the basic concepts of the Spanish language while having fun. Students are exposed to authentic materials through videos and audio sources.


$150 | 3-3:55pm

The Spanish instruction emphasizes in communicative competence, and it thrives to increase awareness of respect for cultural diversity. Classes are also designed to develop and enhance competence in the four skills areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


$180 | 4-4:55pm | Highly recommended for organizations, agencies, and leaders leading with the Latino community.

These classes are designed between the survival Spanish and the vocabulary needed for people involved in the professional settings in the medical, law, law enforcement, business, social work, and education fields. Practice and acquisition of the vocabulary, grammar, basic listening, and conversational abilities needed in these fields are emphasized. Students will learn to establish a connection with Latino clients, customers, and patients by using the Spanish language skills and understanding some of the Latino culture’ s traditions, values, and practices.