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LACIA Class Progression

This tells you in general about the different classes we offer and the order we suggest  you take the classes in. Where possible, we list the college class they best match up with.

Spanish Class Progression

Equelivant to Collage 1301

Spanish I

Spanish II

Equelivant to Collage 1302

Spanish III

Spanish IV

These are all the prepared Spanish classes we currently have already prepared, but we CAN prepare and teach classes at any level you desire. Contact us with your needs.

ESL Classes Progression

We don’t currently offer any ESL classes, but we have the experience and training to teach ESL classes. If you need ESL classes, let us know what you require. Ccontact us for additional details

Other Classes

LACIA offers many educational editing and development servicer, including class design or teaching. Contact us with your needs. We can fulfill all your needs.