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Languages And Culture In Action, L.L.C. (LACIA) operates in the Evansville IN, Owensboro KY, and surrounding areas.  We provide language instruction and services to individuals, groups, companies, K-12 schools, and professionals. Most of our classes are in Spanish or English languages, although other language classes or services are available on demand. Contact us if you need something different.

Founder and Director

Our founder and Director is Arcea Zapata de Aston Ph.D. She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia and is a citizen of the United Sates with 30+ years experience teaching Spanish and English internationally. She has taught Spanish at several US universities for the last 25+ years.more

Partners with LACIA

In partnership with downtown YMCA.

In partnership with Owensboro Museum of Science and History.

In partnership with Maestro Soler.

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Fill out a Registration Form and return with a check. See this page to get a form.


  1. Rates

    All rates listed are firm as of the time published, but are subject to change at any time. All rates listed are approximations depending on the specific job. All jobs have a 1/2 HR minimum charge. Jobs lasting up to 3 HRS are charged in 1/4 HR Increments. Jobs lasting 3 HRS to 8 HRS are charged...
  2. English/ESL Classes

    LACIA has the ability to offer many English or ESL classes. English classes are primarily designed for native English speaking people, while ESL classes are primarily designed for non native speakers of English. LACIA has no current demand for English or ESL Classes at this time, therefore we ...
  3. All Classes

    LACIA Class Progression Spanish Classes ESL Classes Other Classes This tells you in general about the different classes we offer and the order we suggest you take the classes in. Where possible, we list the college class they best match up with. Spanish Class...

Discover LACIA

Discover L.A.C.I.A – It is first and foremost a company created for the purpose of giving professional instruction of the Spanish language in all levels, as well as teaching the culture of the Spanish speaking countries.

Discover quality, academic excellence, accreditation, all basic curriculum reinforced to exceed requirements and standards allowing individuals involved in the Spanish language instruction to advance in their goals and skill acquired through their involvement in the programs that we offer.

We value knowledge and good instruction. We immerse students in the world of language and culture, because we believe that language is the most important tool to learn about a culture.

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