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About Us


Languages And Culture In Action, LLC (LACIA) is a company that provides language training, cultural programming, and services to the individuals, groups, companies, schools, and businesses in Evansville Indiana, Owensboro Kentucky, and surrounding areas. In the global economy that exists today, being able to speak a second language can set you apart from others and allows you to better succeed in your endeavors. Language is more than just a collection of words; it’s the cumulating of thousands of years of evolution that is still going on today. We use proven methodologies that increase your learning speed and offer classes such as survival Spanish, conversational Spanish, and Spanish for Processionals in the medical, legal, business,education, and social workers fields. Our services include translation. Interpretation, Editing of English or Spanish (Medical, Legal, Technical, and Scientific) documents, Educational Resources for Language Acquisition, K-12 Spanish Instruction and Consulting, and Group Trips/Study Abroad to Central or South America.

Our Founder

Our founder is Arcea Zapata de Aston, Ph.D. who was born in Colombia, South America, then immigrated to the USA in the1990’s. She has a bachelor’s degree in philology and languages (Universidad del Atlántico,Colombia) and a master’s degree in the Spanish language and Spanish American literature (University of Arkansas in Fayetteville). She holds a doctoral degree in Latin American literature with emphasis in poetry (University of Iowa). She has taught Spanish and English at all levels in Colombia, England, and the United States (University of Arkansas, University of Iowa, and University of Evansville, and Kentucky Wesleyan College). She has broad training in English, French, Portuguese, Italian,and German at Instituto de Lenguas Modernas, under Professor Alberto Assa’s academic guidance, and at other institutes in Europe. She is the founder and president of the non-profit organization Educational and Cultural Advancement for Latinos (EDUCA). She develops educational materials for the teaching of languages and participates in conferences and workshops about teaching methodology of Spanish as a foreign language.


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